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Hotel Pro Forma Sum Up 29 media

Hotel Pro Forma Sum Up - New documentary

Now released as a DVD!

The Swedish 29 media production company presents a 50 minute documentary film about the highly inventive Danish stage director Kirsten Dehlholm and her internationally acclaimed performance laboratory Hotel Pro Forma.

With a few simple clicks and a few quids you can rent the movie online. Watch below!

Hotel Pro Forma Sum Up – subtitles in six languages

Rent or buy the doc through Distrify – the easy way!

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About the documentary Hotel Pro Forma Sum Up

Kirsten Dehlholm is one of the most exciting European stage auteurs today. With her performance laboratory Hotel Pro Forma she invents and directs complex stage productions or site-specific installations in ever changing forms.

This documentary gives insight into the creative processes behind her critically acclaimed opera installation War Sum Up. Theatre critic Theresa Bener and film maker Peggy Eklöf show the potential of contemporary performance and stage arts in exploring burning issues of our time.

Hotel Pro Forma Sum Up offers plenty of music and scenes from the production, rehearsals and backstage work at the Latvian National Opera and in Copenhagen. The film features exclusive in-depth interviews with the creative team: Kirsten Dehlholm, librettist Willie Flindt, composers Santa Ratniece, Jamie McDermott/The Irrepressibles, and Gilbert Nouno, conductor Kaspars Putnins, costume designer Henrik Vibskov and light designer Jesper Kongshaug.

The DVD edition has subtitles in six languages (English, Danish, Swedish, Latvian, French and German), a 12 page booklet in English and features large extracts from the opera production of War Sum Up.
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